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The Intellectual Dark Web is a fragile bunch!
Let's talk about confirmation bias.
Hello, and happy Monday to everyone. Let’s jump right in. As I’m sure you’re well aware, a white supremacist drove to a predominantly-Black neighborhood…
"...'pedo' is not short for 'pedophile,' it is 'pedo' as in 'children.' 'Pedo' is, if you look it up on Google it's-"
Welcome to the weekly recap. In this post, I’ll be linking to my work from the week, sharing some stories from others I thought were interesting, and…
“We’re all in this together. America Runs on Dunkin. Please don’t ask us whether or not employees get sick leave during the pandemic.”
Let's recreate one of the best articles The Onion ever put out.
Roe, Roe, Roe
The Washington Post's Margaret Sullivan got me thinking about something today.
Same as it ever was.
Lots of smart people have lots of smart things to say. An incomplete list.