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As we near the six-month mark of The Present Age’s existence, I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for subscribing. It’s a work in progress, but I’m feeling happy with the direction things have been heading.

And while this is my newsletter, it’s also yours.

Six months is nothing. Whether you’ve been here since June or since just this week, you’re here early, and I sincerely appreciate it.

I make a point of reading comments and emails, even if I’m not able to respond to every one of them (though I do try!). It’s through your requests, criticisms, etc. that I can best shape what this newsletter ultimately becomes. Help me build it.

And maybe you’re not a subscriber. Maybe you’re just seeing this because I posted the link on social media. Maybe you’re seeing it because someone else sent it to you. First off, hello! Also, I would be honored if you did become a subscriber.

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner (my wife and I are hosting for the first time ever, and while it’s just my parents coming over, it’s still kind of an exciting “ah, this is adulthood!” kind of moment), I’m going to spare everyone emails on Thursday or Friday next week, and instead publish Monday, Tuesday, and then the podcast/transcript of the second half of my discussion with Matthew Sheffield on Wednesday. I’ll be back to the regular posting schedule the following week.